Monday, October 5, 2015

Brooks Wilder: Eight Months

This evening, we stopped by a food truck, Taqueria Ferrus, to pick up dinner. This truck has THE BEST tacos in town. Hands down. If you live in Tupelo, you have to try it. Anyway, we grabbed our food and went to the park to have a little picnic to celebrate Brooks' 8th month of life. I'm a few days behind, but better late than never. 

Brooks loves playing outside, and the weather tonight was just perfect for it! We let him swing for a few minutes, which he has started to really love more and more. He just smiles and giggles the whole time! Then, we took a walk around the park while watching the sun set. B loved standing up in his stroller and people watching the whole time. He loves getting doted on by passers-by too. That little fella knows how to put on the charm!

Currently //

Length 28 inches
Weight 18 pounds

Eats finger foods along with his regular purees and formula.
Loves bouncing, pulling himself up to a standing position, and being the center of attention.
Hates when mommy leaves his sight, taking naps, and being in his carseat.
Learning to say "da-da", stand without assistance (he can do it for a few seconds at a time), and use those two little teeth that he's sprouted.

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  1. I'm thinking of several generations of Grandmas that would have adored him....not to mention me.


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