Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

baby portrait photography

We had a nice and leisurely Memorial Day weekend. Saturday, we visited my side of the family and the next day was spent with Cody's side. Our little niece and nephew were in town for the weekend so we played with them at the grandparents' pool Sunday afternoon. The water was a bit too cold for Baby Brooks, though. I dipped his tiny feet in the water and his face immediately scrunched up. He was much happier watching his cousins swim and run around! So I guess we'll just have to save the swimming for another day. 

The actual holiday was less eventful because it rained most of Monday. However, we did hang out with some friends that night and watched the Braves game while grilling food. Braves lost... whomp whomp. Aside from that, it was a pretty good weekend.

photography catchlights

Thursday, May 21, 2015

summer outfit collage

Spring has already sprung and summer is well on it's way. Where did the time go?? Seriously. This year is just rushing by! I'm so glad that my favorite season is just around the corner, though. I say it all of the time, but I'd much rather sweat than shiver. I haaaate being cold, so summer time is my happy time. One way I like to welcome its glorious return is to share some pretty, little things I found while shopping on the interwebs. I have the clutch and love love love it! And that perfect striped dress is on sale right now!

Dress // Hat // Sunglasses // Clutch // Lip Color // Shoes

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Style

Don't mind the wrinkles in my skirt. I didn't even notice it until I started editing these photos. Oops! We just had so much fun yesterday, my skirt was the least of my worries. Needless to say, my first Mother's Day was definitely a success! 

We started the day by walking around a local art festival. It was incredibly hot outside so we only stayed long enough to quickly browse the art booths and chat with some friends before retreating to the car. Brooks got his first taste of the Mississippi heat and wasn't a fan of it. It's kind of crazy that he has only been alive for three months, and has already experienced a snowstorm and 90+ degree weather! 

After the festival, we got lunch, went to the park, and shopped a little bit. We took a break for a couple hours in the late afternoon so Little B could take a nap. Shortly after he woke up, we topped off the day with a delicious Mexican dinner, and got home in time to get B fed, bathed, and ready for bed. I had the best day thanks to my sweet little family. 

Skirt - ModCloth // Shirt - Target // Shoes - Gap (last year)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Brooks Wilder: Three Months

Currently //

Length 25 inches

Sleeps 4-7 hours between night feedings.
Loves nap time and meeting new people.
Hates tummy time 
Learning to hold and swat at his toys.

Baby Brooks is growing like crazy! All he really does now is eat and sleep... with a little play time sprinkled here and there. I love watching him stare and smile at his hanging toys while he sits in his swing. It's like he's completely mesmerized by all of the shapes and colors. I really want him to stay this age and size forever, but at the same time, I'm excited to watch him grow and continue to learn and interact with his surroundings. 

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