Monday, February 18, 2013

Answers to Questions About Hair

In the few years that I've been a hairstylist, I've been asked many questions 
and told tons of myths about hair. So I just wanted to clear some of them 
up for all those who wonder...

1.) Everyone sheds between 40-150 strands of hair per day.

2.) Stress, poor or crash dieting, and iron deficiency can make you 
temporarily lose hair.

3.) Hair growth comes from within. There is no miracle product that you can
rub on your hair or scalp to make it grow. I suggest taking Vitamin E and 
Biotin to promote growth.

4.) On average, hair grows about half an inch a month.

5.) I’ve said this before... The only way to get rid of “split ends” is to cut
 them off. There is no way to completely repair them.

6.) So you found a grey hair? Good news... plucking it out won’t cause several 
more to grow back in its place. You only have one hair per follicle... so one
 hair will grow back.

7.) Many store-bought “box colors” contain random metallic salts. These salts 
accumulate on the hair shaft and can cause breakage or severe discoloration if 
colored or permed by a professional hairstylist.

8.) Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution for genetic 
hair loss (i.e. male or female pattern baldness).

9.) Lice does not occur because of dirt or a lack of hygiene and they can’t 
jump or fly. Lice is spread by direct contact (sharing combs, hats, and 
other hair accessories). And they usually like clean hair!

10.) Cowlicks, whirls, and natural parts are determined by the angle of your hair
 follicle and the hair's growth pattern.. You can’t change it but your stylist 
can work with it when styling or cutting your hair.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Curtain Rods

 Instead of spending a fortune on factory made curtains (we have like 20 
windows in our house!), we started a DIY project several weeks ago by buying 
cute, discounted fabric and sewing it into floor-length curtains. That part was 
all quick and easy, but a lack of time in our busy schedules and still not wanting to
 spend a lot of money left us temporarily tacking up our hand-made 
curtains. Finally, tonight we were able to tackle some of our 
continued project... curtain rods made from conduit! It's a very neat 
and inexpensive alternative curtain rod. Today's project hangs four 
curtains for about $30.

Here's how we did it....
What you'll need : 2 - 1/2" conduit (10ft long) 
8 - 1/2" One hole straps 
8 - bolts, nuts, locking washers 
8 - L Brackets (with mounting screws)
Curtain Rings 
Tape Measure
Socket Wrench

Step 1: Assemble your rod mounting brackets by securing a one-hole strap to an
 L-Bracket using a bolt, locking washer, and nut.

Step 2: Measure and cut the conduit to length using the hacksaw.

Step 3: Secure the rod mounting brackets at your desired height using 
the screws that came with the L-Brackets.

Tip: Use a stud finder to make sure the mounting brackets are in a 
stud. Use a level to make sure the rod is mounted straight.

Step 4: Attach curtain rings to the curtains and slide the rod through. Then set 
the rod/curtain in the mounting brackets. Easy as that!

Though I like the simplicity of our new curtain rods, the creative side of me 
may end up painting them and adding finials.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had so much fun on our Valentine's date in Memphis yesterday! Going to the zoo is
probably one of my most favorite things to do... and that might be sad for someone
 my age, but oh well. It's true. So after the zoo we went to a pretty decent Italian
restaurant called Amerigo. We're kind of terrible at deciding on new places
to eat, so after searching Urban Spoon and Around Me to no avail... I just Googled 
"Places to eat in Memphis" and happened upon that place. If you ever 
go, I highly recommend the spicy cheese fritters! Amazing! 
All in all, it was a very sweet day and I thoroughly enjoyed spending it 
with my permanent valentine.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vintage Waves

Normally, I don't really like posting hairstyle tutorials 
because well... I'm a hairstylist and I want to be the one styling your hair! 
BUT I've had a lot of people ask me how to do these
 vintage "S" waves and it's just SOOO easy. I mean, it 
took me all of about 10 minutes to shoot the whole tutorial. So here it is...

1.) Wet styling product, I used Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort 
(I applied this to my damp hair and blow-dried for added texture)
2.) Hair spray, I used BSH "All Nighter" spray
3.) Round or paddle brush
4.) 1" curling wand

STEP 1 - Wrap 1-2" sections of hair around the wand. Hold for a few seconds and drop, 
or pin up to let them cool. Do this all around your head.
STEP 2 - After the curls have cooled, spray them with hairspray to help
them set and hold the curl.

STEP 3 - Slightly brush out and pinch the dip (or whatever you call it) of
each wave.
STEP 4 - Hold the lowest wave dip and brush the curls out 
some more, working your way up until the waves start to take
 the shape of an "S".
STEP 5- Spray all over one more time and DONE!

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