Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our Panama City Beach Vacation

I'm finally getting a chance to post about our beach vaycay last week. We had a blast! Brooks loved it  a lot more than I thought he would. I kind of thought he'd be afraid of the water and the crashing waves, but he fully embraced all of it! So much so, that he fell asleep almost every time I waded into the water with him on my hip. 

Don't worry, I did the motherly thing and made sure that I completely slathered his entire body in sunscreen every half hour or so. Despite the excessive amounts of SPF 70 on his skin, he somehow managed to get more of a tan than me. I mainly just burned really badly, then got a shade darker. Little B definitely takes after his dad in the skin department. So not fair.

Of course, we couldn't go on a trip without visiting a zoo. This one was kind of small but still a lot of fun. The best part was meeting the friendliest giraffe I've ever seen! We fed him lettuce and he let us pet him while he gave us kisses and tried to steal our hats. As you will see in the hilarious photos below, Brooks was COMPLETELY indifferent to the entire giraffe experience. Cody and I, however, had way too much fun with it!

Lastly, what would a beach trip be without a couple night time rounds of mini golf?? I like to think I'm pretty good at it so I was super competitive with Cody. He ended up just barely beating me on the first game...boooo. We totally tied on the second game though. 


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