Saturday, August 20, 2016

Maternity Style: Second Trimester

Well, nineteen weeks in and my pudgy tummy has turned into a full blown baby bump. So now I can finally show it off! I can't believe I'm nearly halfway through this pregnancy. It has seriously flown by soo fast! I guess that's probably because I'm a lot busier this time around and I don't really get much time to think about it. It's just as well though because I'm impatient anyway and can't wait to meet my second little guy. 

He's grown so much and he's been kicking a lot lately too. It reminds me of just how much I've missed feeling those little movements in my belly. It's such a weird but sweet feeling. One that makes being the size of a house totally worth it!

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Gender Reveal for Baby Number Two

Well, everyone who guessed baby #2 was a girl (literally everyone I know including myself) was wrong. We're having ANOTHER boy! 

Although 16 weeks is a pretty normal time to find out the gender, we weren't expecting to find out at my appointment last Thursday. With Brooks, we found out at 20 weeks, so I was mentally unprepared. I had it set in my mind that a little girl was floating around in my belly, and I didn't want to believe the ultrasound tech when she said she was 90% sure it was a male. The evidence couldn't be more clear on the sonogram, and despite my surprise, I couldn't be happier to raise another precious baby boy.

Now we just have to think of a name! Oh boy. I have a whole list of girl names but that's all. I've been telling people that we were going to be in major trouble if it ends up being a boy. Any suggestions?? Ha.

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