Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Style

Yesterday, Cody and I went to visit my family again for my grandpa's birthday. It was surprisingly a really nice day outside! I had Cody snap a few pictures because I actually got to wear a cute dress without having to cover it up with coats and scarves and layers and  more coats....

Anyway, back to my grandpa and his birthday... He's 83 years young now, and when I say "young" I really mean it! Seriously, he's probably healthier and more active than me, which is kind of sad. You can see him playing soccer here with my little nephew. Aside from being physically healthy, his brain is still a wealth of knowledge too! He used to be an aeronautical engineer for NASA and hasn't forgotten anything from back then. Every time we visit, he ends up sharing stories with us about his rocket days. He informed me yesterday, that he's nearly finished writing a 40 chapter educational textbook about rocket stuff. Pretty awesome! The other day, I got curious and Googled his name (Frank Jordan). After a little bit of searching, I found an interview he had in an article of the NY Times back in 1993. Here is that article.... NY Times.

You may not think any of that is very interesting, but I think it's quite fascinating. It's safe to say, I'm pretty proud of that old man.

Dress - Lace Affair // Fawn Necklace - ART of the HEART shop // Shoes - ModCloth // Tights - Forever 21

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  1. My sweet grandpa just turned 83 this year too! Still a huge smart a$$ and a jokester!


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