Monday, February 3, 2014

I Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight...

Last night, I suited up for battle. With my lifelong fandom (thanks to my dad and brother), I fully expected the Broncos to destroy the Seahawks in this year's Super Bowl. To my surprise and horror, that didn't happen. At all. Not even close.

These two photos pretty much sum up last night. I was pretty much the ONLY Broncos fan in a party full of Seahawks fans.... Even my own husband was against me!! I was on my own to defend the only sports team I've ever really cared about.

The party was great though! Despite the agonizing loss I suffered, I had so much fun screaming, joking, and mocking all the Seahawks fan in the house. The food that Amanda and others prepared was fantastic! 

Oh well, that's all right. We just felt bad and let the Seahawks win their FIRST Super Bowl. ;)

Did you watch the Super Bowl? If you did, which team did you pull for?

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, I actually went through the exact opposite thing...I walked into a group of Broncos fans when I'm the biggest fan of Russell Wilson!!! It was almost as awkward for me too. I love your gameday outfit though! And the food looks amazing :]]]


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