Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Creative Initiative: Week 3

This week's theme was - Get Outdoors!

I was sitting outside earlier, watching Harper play in the back yard. Without a care in the world, she ran around and chewed on her frisbee. She doesn't worry if she'll be fed later or if she'll have a warm place to sleep at night. She just knows she'll be taken care of. I watched birds fly above her as she played, and they too, seem to lack any ounce of fear or anxiety. They fly from trees to power lines, chirping and singing to each other. 

If you count your worth more than a simple little bird or clumsy dog, don't you think your Creator, who made you in His image, will count you as far more? We live in a fast paced, anxious world these days and tend to forget that all we really need to do is rely on God for peace.

If you would like to be a part of this creative link-up, feel free to hop on board with this week's prompt OR you can wait until next week's...
 - Graditude - 
Share through art what you're thankful for!

Here's the link-up rules:

1. Create something in your sketchbook based on this weeks prompt.
2. Post about your artistic endeavor on your blog and link-it-up to this post.
3. Comment on other bloggers posts! The prompts leave a lot of room to use your imagination and we should all support and encourage each other and we explore!

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