Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pretty Pink Stocking Stuffers

1. Top Shop // 2. ModCloth // 3. Julep // 4. ModCloth // 5. Urban Outfitters // 6. ModCloth // 7. LUSH // 8. LuLu's

The Holidays are almost here! Only a few weeks away. Are you ready? If you're like me.....No. You're not, and never are. I decided this year that I want to be a little bit more prepared and not wait until the last minute to go shopping. So I've already started "window shopping" on the interwebs. I put together this pretty little collage of stocking stuffer ideas for all of you who are as bad at present shopping as me!


  1. Love all the pink! I've never tried Julep polish before, but this pink color you picked is so perfect!


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