Monday, November 4, 2013

Makeup Review - Lip Colors

I've pulled out some of my favorite plum and pink lip colors to share with all of my lovely readers! These are the lippies that I wear pretty regularly. I'm sooo glad I discovered them! I highly recommend all of these brands - if not colors :)

1.) Maybelline (The Vivids) "Brazen Berry" - It glides on soft and smooth. It has a decent amount of pigment without going overboard.. for days when I don't want such a bold look.
2.) Maybelline (The Vivids) "Pink Pop" - Perfect for a slightly subtle pop of pink!
3.) Maybelline (The Elixer) "Vision in Violet" - Now this one is BOLD! It has an amazing shine, too! I love this highly pigmented gloss, and it's pretty much the exact color of my hair!
4.) Tony Moly "Petite Bunny" Gloss Bar - This is a lip balm with very little pigment, but has great shine. It also glides on smooth and smell incredible!!
5.) Lime Crime "Countessa Flourescent" - This brand is my all time favorite! It lasts forever, has amazing pigment, and smells like cupcakes!!! Doesn't get much better than that.
6.) NYX (Soft Matte Lip Cream) "Stockholm" - I love this peachy/pink lip cream. It lasts a long time too, but I always have to pair it with chapstick because it's quite drying (being that it's a "matte" cream). 

What are some of your favorite lip brands/colors? I'd love for you to share them with me!

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