Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Style: Raspberry Buffalo

Sorry for my nearly week long hiatus! It's been so crazy lately. As I've said before, we very recently purchased our first home! Between our busy work schedules and moving in, I've hardly had time for anything else! But now, we have everything moved in.. all we need to do is situate everything and make our cute, little house a home. 

Anyway, this post isn't about all of that. It's about my lovely friends' new Etsy business, called Raspberry Buffalo! The other day, I purchased these adorable floral hair pins from them and they added a free ring with it! I've been needing new accessories, so I was super excited when I saw their new collection!

Check out their Etsy store - Raspberry Buffalo,
And follow them on Instagram - @raspberrybuffalo!!

Also, how about this amazing lens flare that I achieved yesterday?! It was too good not to show off :) 


  1. that ring is so cute! I will check out her shop .


  2. Impressive flare you've got there! ��

  3. Seriously SO much love for your hair! It looks amazing on you! And these accessories are super cute.

    Kalee @ Fred Rongo

  4. It's so cool that we know the same people! I love Anne!!!! Small freaking world.


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