Thursday, September 5, 2013

Product Review: Julep Maven Box

I got another Julep Maven beauty box the other day! I'm sooo in love. So I'll tell you a little
 bit about what I received in this month's package...

Bare Face cleansing oil - This magical product has immediately become one of my favorites!
You squeeze about a dime size out onto your hand and massage it onto your dry face. It literally
wipes everything away! Even the stubborn purple haircolor that stained parts of my face when 
I recently colored my hair (I'm kind of messy when I do my own hair).

Nail colors - Daria (grey) and Karmen (sparkly reddish-gold) are super cute colors. I haven't
used Karmen yet...I'm waiting until fall actually gets here. But I have used Daria and it's such
a pretty, smokey grey. It lasts forever on my nails too! I painted my nails with this color a 
few days ago and even though I work all day with my hands in bleach, color, water, etc. it
STILL hasn't chipped off! I am completely amazed.

Sample Polish Remover -  This little polish remover pad makes taking my nail polish off even easier!
I usually just use polish remover and cotton balls, but I'm weird and hate how cotton balls feel (gives
me goosebumps when it makes a squeaky sound). Haha. So I'm definitely hooked on this
little product.

See...?? No stains! :) 
If you want to become a Julep Maven, click the banner below.

Julep Beauty Inc.

1 comment:

  1. I got the gray color as an add-on this month. I love it. I agree the oil is nice too.


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