Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mississippi Delta Weekend Retreat

I'm finally getting some time to sit down and blog about my weekend. This is good because I caught a cold on this trip so I'm also getting a few minutes of rest right now. Let me add a short disclaimer here: I'm a little bit doped up on all kinds of cold medicine, so you'll have to excuse any grammatical or story telling errors. Thanks :)

Things have been crazy lately between this retreat, work, and moving into our new house! I'll be blogging about the new house in the very near future (when we get settled in). For now though, I will just share the details of our lovely trip.

So, my husband, Cody, works for a marketing agency called Mabus Agency. The company decided to take a work retreat to Clarksdale, MS this past weekend. They allowed all the wives to tag along, and I'm soooo glad they did. I was in major need of a small getaway! I've never been to the delta before so this was quite an experience. The area we stayed in was literally in the middle of the corn fields. We were charmed, yet somewhat creeped out by the scenery and rustic look of the cabins... as this seemed eerily similar to the start of certain horror films. Thank God we got out alive! 

Between the barn and our cabins (and airstream), there was an enormous, white house. From the outside, it was pretty, but kind of plain in comparison to the inside of the house! Apparently, an old lady, who seemed to be a world traveler, lived in this house. She was actually out of the country while we were there. When we first got there, we took a quick tour of the entire property with the man who helps book and host our stay. Then we wandered almost aimlessly through the huge house just trying to take in and figure out all the completely random decor pieces this lady owned! Everything from  taxidermy animals... to strange, foreign artifacts. Every room was filled with weird stuff!

While the Mabus Agency had their meetings and worked on some stuff, the other wives and I got to just relax around the property. I used a lot of that time to learn and practice more photography techniques since I felt so inspired by the beautiful scenery. And whenever the agency finished or took a break, we all swam in the pool, grilled food, and just had a blast hanging out together. One of the nights we were there, we went to Ground Zero Blues Club, which is part-owned by Morgan Freeman. Sadly, he wasn't there that night.. would've made up for the not-so-great food and mediocre blues band that played. Oh well.

All in all, it was a great trip and much needed escape for me. I had time to refresh my mind and relax my body. Too bad I caught this stupid cold on the last day we were there. I have the worst allergies ever! I just wish nature and I could be better friends.

Some of these photos (me in the corn, white house, and the last two night time photos) were taken by my dear photographer friend,  Mary Meghan Mabus. You can see more of her awesome work HERE!!! 

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  1. Wow- what an amazing/interesting place! Looks like a fun getaway!


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