Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY Cute Striped Vases

When I made these vases, I knew I should've used spray paint instead of acrylic paint, 
but I decided to go ahead and give acrylic a try anyway.... Mostly because it was 90+ 
degrees outside and I didn't want to sit out there and paint these things. So... My advice
is to use spray paint because it will be faster and it won't try to peel when you pull off the
tape like the acrylic tried to do. I used a razor to straighten up the edges though, so it was fine.
Trial and error, y'all.

What you'll need:

Sealant (matte or gloss)
Spray paint (or acrylic if it's a thousand degrees outside)
Painters tape
Cylinder vases


  1. Such a cute idea to freshen up an everyday vase in the back of your cupboard. I'll defo be doing this one next time I have a spare afternoon!


  2. what a fun idea... the colors of the flowers compliment your hair nicely :)

  3. Love love the colors you used! And can I just say what a coincidence it is that I made something like that just days ago? Haha. :D


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