Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1 + 1 = 3

baby2 on Make A Gif

That's right! We're expecting tiny Baby Hickman in February!! I couldn't keep it a secret any longer, so I finally decided to share the news with everyone. We're definitely beyond excited and just a little bit freaked out... as all new parents-to-be are. Obviously though, we really couldn't be happier to start our own little family. Baby Hickman's gender is unknown right now, but we'll be finding out in just a few weeks. I cannot wait! 

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Pregnancy announcement
Belly bump pictures

My dear friend, Mary Meghan took these photos. Check out her work HERE.


  1. YAYYYYYYY! The gif is so cute! You look darling as well.
    xo Lauryn
    Lauryncakes | Beauty & Fashion

  2. I am SAAAAAAH pleased for the two of you! what a gorgeous human you will have made. CONGRATS lady!

  3. this is SO sweet! I am so excited for your little family!

  4. AHHHH congratulations!!! This is the cutest post ever. Also, I love your hair!

  5. Congratulations! These pictures are beautiful!

  6. Congrats!!! How exciting for you two!! 😁

  7. Congratulations, these photos are so cute, love the gif. Life is good, right? :) you guys look great! Can't wait to see the little gal or fella!



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