Monday, July 7, 2014

Link Love

I've been so exhausted lately. The little fetus is sucking up all of my energy, hence the lack of regular posting. I have been doing some blog surfing on my downtime this week though, and I've found some awesome links to share! Some are for mommies-to-be and some are for not-mommies-to-be. Enjoy!

Being a makeup artist myself, I've heard the same things about eyeshadow that Cara has. It seems like one of the easiest parts of makeup to apply, but I suppose that doesn't go for everyone. We're all good at different things. If eyeshadow is not your strong suit, this post introduces you to a couple rules and several great tips!

2. Cut It Out - Delightfully Tacky
Oh man, this dress! I loooove the fit and the little cut outs. Her style is always fabulous. I'm a regular visitor to Elizabeth's blog, mostly to envy her wildly textured hair. 

3. Barely There Waves - Confessions of a Hairstylist
My girl, Jenny, has another awesome hairstyle tutorial inspired by my other girls, MaryKate and Ashley. It's a very easy way to add a little texture, especially for straight/fine hair! Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube page for more awesome tutorials!

4. Most Popular Pregnancy & Baby Apps - Pregnant Chicken
I've downloaded all of these (and a few more) apps, and they're all really great. I like reading about the weekly growth progression of my little critter and what changes to expect with my body. These apps are loaded with information and tips to having a healthy pregnancy. Also, some of them help you track feedings and diaper changes when baby arrives! That will definitely be helpful to me because I'm extremely forgetful and will have a hard time keeping up with some of that.

5. What To Eat For a Healthy Pregnancy and An Easy Birth - Dani Stout | Holistic Health Coach
So far, I've had pretty awful morning sickness...all day...every day. It has just become a chore to eat. Even if I have a craving for something, by the time I eat half of it, I get sick. Bleh. It's no fun, but I'm praying it won't last much longer. I say all of that to say this... Right now, I eat what I can when I can, and it's not always healthy. However, once the sickness passes and I don't hate everything, I fully plan on sticking to a healthier diet. Today, I ran across this blog post while perusing Pinterest, and it has some great advice on having a healthy diet before and during pregnancy!

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