Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Road Trip (Part 1)

This is the kind of trip I never really thought I'd go on. I've always wanted to take a road trip across the country. So, I was beyond excited when Cody told me I'd be able to go and help out! The actual reason for this cross-country venture was to shoot a documentary style video in Yakima Valley, WA for a client of the Mabus Agency. The trip took ten days and we traveled a total of 6,250 miles! Yes, that's a whole lot of driving, but we definitely made tons of stops along the way. This post is for the first three days that we drove up to Washington.

Not a lot happened between Mississippi and South Dakota. There just isn't really any reason to stop... at least not on the route we took. Once we got to South Dakota, though, we made a couple stops. One being in the awesome (and scary if you're afraid of heights) Badlands. The road basically led us to the top at first, so we got out and walked across an extremely narrow rock path to peer down the cliff. Heights just aren't my cup of tea. I tried not to think about it and just walk quickly across, look down, take some pictures, and get back on safe ground! Then, as we continued down the road, it took us into the rocks where we could climb around and it wasn't so scary.

After driving a little ways further in South Dakota, we visited Mt. Rushmore. It had just rained which made the presidents look like they were crying or had some major allergy problems. 

After South Dakota, we traveled into Wyoming and made a quick stop at this crazy looking rock formation called Devil's Tower. It's about a million miles high and just completely, randomly in the middle of nowhere. I'd like to see someone climb that! Actually, I think some really do. Crazy people. 
That sunset! Oh my. It doesn't get much prettier than that.

We crossed a couple more state lines on the third day before finally getting to Washington. Our plan was to spend most of the fourth day exploring Seattle before driving to Yakima that night. More on that in the next post.
These really awesome, old trucks were in some small town outside of Spokane, I think. I can't remember what town, but they were too neat to pass up. This area of Washington and some of Idaho seemed to go back in time. Not just with the trucks, but with clothing styles and music, too. We even saw groups of people playing hacky sack! I had no idea that still existed, but kudos to those who are keeping it alive! 

I can't wait to show Baby Hickman these pictures and tell him/her the story one day. I hope he/she cares and thinks I'm cool.


  1. So so fun! Road trips make the best ever memories!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I hope you weren't too sick while driving:(

    xxo Lauryn
    Lauryncakes | Beauty & Fashion

    1. I actually didn't feel sick until the end of the trip when we were driving back home. I thought I was getting over the nausea symptom until then. Blehh. But I slept most of the time so that definitely helped. :)


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