Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Brooks Wilder: One Year

Today, my little Boop turns one and I can hardly believe it. We survived our first year with a tiny human! Yay!! But seriously, where did the time go? How did he get so big so fast?! I'm supposed to still be able to lay him in the crack of the couch so he can't roll and fall off, and swaddle him in his little blanket. He's supposed to stay tiny and warm and squishy! But I digress, though he has outgrown all of those things, I love my one year old, booger-nosed, toothy-smiled, gibberish-talking, little man. He is the most perfect and precious gift from God that I have ever received. I am beyond blessed.

We celebrated Brooks' birthday this past Saturday with a camping themed party. All of his friends and family were invited, and we had a blast! Brooks was beside himself with excitement. He was so tired and in such desperate need for a nap, but that didn't stop him at all from being the life of the party! 

Currently //

Height 29.5 inches
Weight 23 pounds

Says "No" by shaking his head.
Loves playing with friends, going to the park, and drinking apple juice.
Hates being confined to places like highchairs, shopping carts, and carseats.
Learning to blow kisses, bounce a ball, and give hugs.

B had a healthy alternative to the traditional smash cake. It was made with applesauce, bananas, blueberries, and cream cheese frosting. He went through several different emotions while eating his cake... from disgust to confusion, and indifference to joy. It was pretty hilarious to watch. 

The party was a complete success! We set up a table with M&M's, various nuts, fruits, and teddy grahams for guests to create their own bags of trail mix. I made delicious s'mores-on-a-stick and my mom baked some cute, little cupcakes. We even pitched a tent for the little ones to play in and it was a big hit! 

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