Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Brooks Wilder: Nine Months

Nine months in, nine months out! This post is about a week late, but little B is nine months old now. This past week has been so hectic. I just haven't had the time or energy to even look at my blog. I was actually starting to have withdrawals. *twitch*

Brooks is growing like a weed and becoming hard to keep up with! He's crawling a lot faster, pulling up on furniture, and cruising around the room. He has even started to stand up without holding on to anything for several seconds at a time. I know he's getting extremely close to walking. That is both exciting AND scary!

Currently //

Length 29 inches
Weight 19 pounds, 6 ounces

Eats almost anything he can put in his mouth.
Loves pancakes, clapping, waving, and being tickled.
Hates the vacuum, hairdryer, and when Mommy leaves his sight.
Learning to high-five, make one syllable sounds, and drink from a sippy cup.

Teething hasn't been easy for our little guy. He's gotten four teeth in the last two months. The fussiness and sleepless nights were almost too much to handle for all of us! He also wasn't drinking much of his bottles, which was making me really start to worry. All of this misery settled down after our friend got Brooks a little gift. A baltic amber necklace. I've heard good things about these necklaces and even had a client at work swear by it. She said she had her child wear it 24/7 and saw a noticeable difference after just a couple days. She wasn't lying!

Brooks has been wearing his for the past few weeks and I've definitely seen a difference! Instead of waking up every hour at night, he usually only wakes twice. He even finishes all of his bottles now! He hasn't fussed or whined in pain at all like he used to. I don't know if it's all a coincidence or if the amber necklace actually works, but I'm leaving that thing on him!

Just so you know, this necklace is very safe. Brooks even sleeps while wearing it at night. It's fitted enough that he doesn't see it and want to pull on it, and loose enough that it doesn't choke him. Also, for it to work, it has to be touching his skin at all times so it stays nicely tucked under his clothes.

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  1. Wow I love all the colors in these photos, awesome set! Brooks is insanely adorable, and I'm glad the necklace is helping him but it looks SO cute as an accessory in this outfit lol Thanks for sharing about the amber!



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