Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Brooks Wilder: Seven Months

Baby Brooks has been growing by leaps and bounds this month! He has already sprouted two tiny teeth and he's slowly perfecting his wobbly crawl. Although he's doing so great during the day, his nightly sleep routine has regressed quite a bit lately. He's been waking up a lot more during the night. If anyone has any advice for getting B to sleep longer, I'm open to suggestions (except "cry it out" methods). These zombies need some sleep! 

Baby photography poses

Currently //

Length 27.5 inches
Weight 17.1 pounds

Eats pureed meats and mashed up veggies along with his regular food.
Loves climbing into mommy and daddy's lap, playing with toys, and strolling in the park.
Hates being alone for any length of time, getting dressed, and white facial hair (it's weird).
Learning to crawl, climb, and use a sippy cup.

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