Sunday, July 5, 2015

Brooks Wilder: Five Months

4th of july baby

Currently //

Length approximately 26 inches
Weight 16 pounds

Eats pureed fruits & veggies, breast milk, and formula.
Loves rolling over onto his stomach.
Hates not knowing how to roll back onto his back.
Learning to sit up, laugh, and make new sounds.

Brooks turned 5 months on the 2nd, but I decided to combine his monthly update with Independence Day since we did a little celebrating. Even though most of our 4th of July was completely rained out, we did manage to find a break in the weather to have a little fun. 

I dressed B up in the most patriotic gear I could find... because why not go all out, right? I just couldn't pass up that adorable "Mommy's Little Fire Cracker" shirt! Too cute. Anyway, we took him to the park where our town has an annual music and fireworks festival type thing. We strolled around, got snow cones (my flavor of choice is always piƱa colada - yumm ), and let Brooks swing for a little bit. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you can see me trying to chase baby ducklings. Those suckers are fast! 

After leaving the park, we went to hang out with friends and grilled dinner. Since Brooks has an early bedtime, we missed out on fireworks this year. Maybe next year he'll be old enough to stay up just a little bit later.

mommy's little firecracker
baby's first independence day


  1. He is too cute! <3 Love his patriotic outfit, especially those shoes!

  2. These photos turned out great! Love his outfit for sure, and your dress is really cute too :)



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