Thursday, June 25, 2015

MAC Lipstick Review

I got this beautiful MAC lip color the other day and I thought I'd share a little review about it. One thing I love about it is it reminds me a lot of a Lime Crime color I used to have, "Countessa Fluorescent". Not only is the shade almost identical, but the scent is too! It smells just like cupcakes! I don't know who copied who, but I'm not mad! 

"Candy Yum-Yum" 

Price - $16
Color - Neon pink with a blue undertone - which makes teeth look whiter!
Finish - Matte finish, glides on smoothly.
Lasting effect - Long wearing, about 4-6 hours for me.
Likes - Bold pigment, smells like cupcakes.
Dislikes - Drying.. I have to put chapstick over it.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Absolutely! The pros definitely outweigh the cons. I think I found my new favorite lipstick.

What's your favorite MAC lip color?

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