Sunday, January 11, 2015

6 Favorite Lush Products

lush product review
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I've been obsessed with Lush products for quite some time now. It started with the fragrances and dusting powders. You can see what I thought about those HERE. Now I'm really getting into the bath bombs and massage bars. I'm not usually one who takes baths. For one, I don't like sitting in standing water, and two, I just get bored. However, with this pregnancy and impending labor (which I plan to do all naturally), I need all of the relaxation I can get! 

I recently got the two bath bombs above and a couple massage bars. Since I'm saving them for labor, I haven't put them to use yet...other than smelling them every few minutes when I first got them. They smell sooooo amazing!! The pink one, "Twilight", smells like calming lavender and just makes me want to fall asleep. The colorful one, "Granny Takes a Dip", has an energizing scent of lemon, ginger oil, and spicy black pepper. It smells like delicious candy to me! I'm almost tempted to taste it.

The other products shown above are things I have tried and loved in the store. I haven't bought them for myself yet, but I definitely recommend them. 

What are your favorite Lush products?

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  1. Hehe, that's the problem for Lush products for me. I don't take baths and I always want to eat everything, but I get the feeling it wouldn't turn out well. :)

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark


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