Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lush Review

I love LUSH cosmetics so much! Recently, I bought these fabulous products and thought I would share what I like about them. First of all, with my purchase, they sent me a free chunk of citrus scrub soap that smells so fresh! I haven't used it yet because I don't want it to go away!

Silky Underwear, with its jasmine and cocoa butter fragrance, is a light powder that left my skin feeling amazingly soft! Dab it on oil/sweat prone areas of your body to stay fresh and dry!
This Tea Tree Water spray is the most refreshing toner I've ever sprayed on my face! It has antibacterial tea tree and grapefruit juice to help clear skin of gross blemishes. Trust me, I get my share of them and this stuff keeps them on lock!

The Smell of Weather Turning perfume is soooo awesome. I am not at all a perfume wearer. I can never find a scent that I don't mind smelling all day. This one changed my mind for sure! It starts out sort of minty-sweet when you dab it on and then settles into a woodsy/outdoors type fragrance! It's that smell in the air when October rolls around. Perfection.

Have you used any LUSH products?
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  1. I haven't tried any LUSH!! :( There's always so many things I want to try out.. I can't choose on a few! The Tea Tree Water spray does sound like something I need. haha

    1. Oh, you definitely have to try it! Their perfumes are amazing.

  2. LUSH is so fantastic. Have you ever tried their bar soap? I think it was called fairy godmother. SPLENDID!

  3. I love Lush. The bath bombs are great and the ocean salt scrub is fab.

  4. I love Lush, especially the bath bombs and the ocean salt scrub. Been using the body powder in the summer for years.


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