Monday, October 13, 2014

Stormy October

It's been raining... and by raining, I mean thunder and lightning storms... so much lately that I've been stuck indoors pretty much every day for the past week or two. Although, it feels like it's been for the past month to me. This doesn't make things very easy for blogging since most of my posts need to include photos that I take. *sigh*
I've been dying to partake in (and blog about) fall time activities like pumpkin patch adventures, fall recipes, and tutorials, but these dark and gloomy storms are really putting a damper on my fun and my bright, natural lighting. 
Even as I type this, it's dark as night outside and we're actually under a tornado watch for the next few hours. Yayyy. Luckily, though, if we don't blow away, we will finally get to enjoy some nice, cool weather after today. I can't wait!


  1. Sorry to hear that the weather has been stormy over there :( I completely understand how you feel. I live in Seattle so we get a lot of rainy, dark days where I feel like I can't take any photos! Hope it clears up soon. ♥

  2. Hope the weather eases for you so that you get to do all those lovely autumny things!


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