Monday, August 25, 2014

golden retriever
Yesterday, Cody and I went with some friends, Mike And Kayla (and their furbaby, Lily), to Tishomingo State Park to play disc golf. I'm really terrible at it so I usually don't play. There wouldn't even be much point in me trying to keep score, so I just go along for the hike. It's been ridiculously hot outside lately, and I'm pretty sure the temp nearly reached 100 degrees yesterday. Not the best day to be hiking through the woods and throwing discs, but it was fun nonetheless. I'm just glad I'm not near the end of my pregnancy in this heat! I probably would've passed out by hole 5.

disc golf
woodland creature
After we finished the course, we found this little guy by the bathrooms. He didn't seem to be very afraid of us because he didn't run away when I got up close to him. He actually kind of puffed up and was probably ready to bite my face if I got any closer. Sooo.... I snapped a few shots and backed off.

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