Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adventure Time!

This is quite a long post because sooo much has happened in the past week! This will also explain my little hiatus from the blog. First of all, last Wednesday, we surprised Cody with a trip to Atlanta for his birthday! We also planned to take him to see Imagine Dragons... who were incredible live. I was very impressed. Anyway, we planned and kept this huge birthday secret for over a month! Cody was told that he would be taking a two day work trip to Jackson to shoot a commercial. So he packed some clothes and got ready for this "work trip". That morning, Josh and Cody walked into a conference room to have a short "pre-production meeting" before the "work trip". Much to sweet, little Cody's surprise, we were all sitting around the conference table with the tickets to the show! He was SO excited and completely shocked! It was really cute :) We stayed in Atlanta that night, and much of the next day. On our way back, we stopped in Birmingham for dinner. Whilst driving through the streets of Birmingham, we passed this AMAZING rainbow tunnel! There was just no way we could pass that up!

 After being back home for only a day, we set out on the road again! This time, Nashville. Cody and Josh went to a filmmaking workshop while Mary Meghan and I shopped, hung out with some old friends, and ate delicious food! We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel resort which was incredible!! Even though it was raining and snowing outside, you'd never know it, because of the massive tropical atriums inside the hotel!! There were beautiful waterfalls, giant palm trees, and a river full of koi fish. The hotel has nearly 3,000 rooms and 15 restaurants! It was pretty crazy.

We ended up getting iced in the morning we were supposed to leave (yesterday). However, by mid-afternoon, we finally decided to brave the dangerous roads and make the trek home. Though the roads were mostly clear by the time we set out, there were so many smashed cars on the sides of the road from that morning! Some people were just a little too brave.
Halfway home, we pulled into a rest stop for a potty break and of course, to play in the snow!! Play time was very short-lived because the amount of coldness outweighed the fun factor. 

So that's the super awesome way I got to spend the past week!! It truly is a wonderful life.


  1. Looks like tons of fun!!
    I love the pictures. c:
    Very adventure filled. ;p


  2. Snoowwwwwww here in Crete never snows! Only in the high mountains!
    Gorgeous pics lovely pairs!


  3. Loveeee your hair sooo much ♥



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