Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend on the River

We just had an awesome weekend getaway on the Tennessee River. For a professional in the
 beauty industry, there's something to be said about me being able to let go and just embrace
 unkempt hair and no makeup. We even opted to take river "showers" instead of 
using the shower at the cabin. Yes, it's kind of pointless to wash your hair in fish water,
 but it was surprisingly refreshing. So you can either excuse or embrace our 
trashy, fish poop water appearances.

During our little getaway, we relaxed on the pontoon and raced around on the wave
 runner. We also tried our hand at tubing (which I found to be extremely fun, but slightly
 painful) AND caught a glimpse of a majestic bald eagle surveying the land, atop a 
pine tree, in his natural habitat. 
In awe, Cody did what any proud, red-blooded American would do at the sight of
 this magnificent creature and saluted it by holding up an American flag towel as we 
passed by this imperial entity. Our lives are complete.

All in all, this was just the escape I needed. 
What did you do this weekend??


  1. Ahhh that sounds like an amazing time! I think a river shower would be much more fun anyways haha :3

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  3. Neat photos, looks like you guys had a blast!



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