Friday, January 15, 2016

Brooks Wilder: Eleven Months

For this update, I had to take pictures with my phone because I forgot to charge my camera batteries. I'm already a couple weeks late, so I thought, what the heck. As much as I hate low quality photos on blogs, I figured it would be okay this once since Brooks' super adorableness makes up for it!

He's growing in leaps and bounds. I can't believe my baby is a toddler now! He's walking around and even tries to run! Though, he doesn't quite have the running perfected yet. He's got lots of little bumps and bruises from falling a lot. 

So, Little Boop's birthday is just around the corner and I'm busy planning all of the little details. I'm trying not to go all out since it's just his first birthday, but then again, it's his FIRST birthday! I have to make it extra special, at least for the memories and photos.

Currently //

Height 29.5 inches
Weight 22 pounds

Says "dog", makes monkey sounds, and howls like a wolf.
Loves pulling all the books out of Daddy's bookshelf, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, and dancing.
Hates not being the center of attention, getting his diaper changed, and when Mommy leaves the room he's in.
Learning to feed himself, drink from a straw, and brush his hair.

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