Friday, February 27, 2015

Yes, I Do Want to Build a Snowman: Part 2

Snow baby
Sadly, the glorious snow only graced us with it's wintery presence for a day and a half before it all melted away. Since we knew it wasn't going to last very long, we decided to take full advantage of it and play in it as much as possible! We made snow angels, had a snowball fight, and built a snowman... you know, all of the typical snow stuff. Once again, Brooks slept through all the fun, but I know he had a blast. What do you think of our snowman? He looks kind of sad...

building a snowman
how to build a snowman
snow bunny
do you want to build a snowman
baby's first snow
baby fox print hat
family photo

1 comment:

  1. Love these photos! Such a cute snowman, and baby Brooks is seriously so adorable! <3 :)


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