Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do You Want to Build a Snowman: Part 1

snow day
mississippi weather snow
mississippi snow blizzard weather

We finally got some snow! Before today, it seemed like everywhere in the entire country was covered in a blanket of snow except us. After only a couple hours, we already had several inches! This is almost unheard of in the 'Sip. I mean, we might get a few flakes here and there every other year, but nothing like this. So you can see why we were pretty excited. 

Cody came home from work early and we immediately went outside to play. It didn't last very long... 'cause like I said... we aren't used to all of this cold, white stuff. We stayed out long enough to snap some fun pictures though. Little Brooks didn't really wake up to experience his first time in the snow, but I like to think that he still enjoyed it.

do you want to build a snowman frozen


  1. These are wonderful pictures, it looks like fun! Baby Brooks is TOOO adorable. I live in Alberta, Canada and we've had snow since like, October...I'm so done with it. Bring on spring!

    1. Thank you! :) And, oh man.. I bet you are over it! I like snow, but I would probably get tired of it after a week. Haha


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