Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mammoth Cave

This past weekend, Cody and I ventured to Louisville, Kentucky for a work engagement. Before heading back home, we spent the night in Cave City and visited Mammoth Cave. We took a 2 hour-2 miles long tour through part of the cave. Yes, I ducked, bobbed, and weaved through narrow passageways and low hanging rock with an 8 month preggo belly. I even climbed a 150 stair tower towards the end of the tour to get back up to the surface. That was the hardest part. Cody climbed the stairs behind me and helped push me to the top. I finished - heart racing, heavy breathing, and fully ready to collapse on the ground, but I did it!

After leaving the caves, we drove a little way to a nice picnic spot next to a river for lunch. It was freeeezing but so much fun. We found an abandoned church nearby and took some time to explore and snap some photos.

Though the trip was short and primarily for work, it was still a nice little getaway. It's probably going to be the last getaway until sometime after Baby Hickman is born. Just 8 more weeks until he gets here!

1 comment:

  1. Your photos always look so lovely! It's nice that you guys found time to go on a little getaway even if the trip was for work.

    oh and also, can't wait to see your baby very soon! ♥


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