Thursday, December 19, 2013

Five Faves

I don't remember how I stumbled across this shop, but I'm so glad I did! Their stationary and party supplies are just too adorable!! The prices are surprisingly affordable too, so you can easily add the cutest little details to any special occasion.

Rachel O's Etsy shop is another one that I recently came across. I don't know where she finds these fabrics, but OMG.... I can't even handle how cute her little accessories are! I could seriously buy them all up! 

How great of an idea is this?! Bonnie shares a neat alternative to gift packaging!
Check it out here.... Going Home to Roost

I am obsessed with everything on this website! Each piece is handpicked from small boutiques and indie designers... and only between $30-50! Not bad! Not bad, at all.

Jewel is such a cool girl. I just love scrolling through her blog and reading all her fun DIY projects, from easy holiday decorations to oh, so pretty nail art! Check out all of that and more at Jewel Sha'ree


  1. Awh I was not expecting me to be on here! You're way too sweet ugh. Thankyou so much <3

  2. Those fabric button jewelry is SO cute!!


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