Sunday, July 28, 2013

NYX Review

Being a makeup artist, I've tried almost every makeup brand out there (on myself and 
my clients). There are tons of amazing high end brands and products. My personal
favorites being Makeup Forever and MAC Cosmetics. Even though I sometimes  
get special discounts for being a professional, I still have to buy on a budget.

So I set out looking for a more affordable brand that is comparable to my higher
 end favorites. I came across NYX and I was pleasantly and surprisingly impressed!
The eyeshadow colors are highly pigmented, as are the lipsticks and glosses. The
foundations give a great, smooth coverage and the mascaras really plump up
those lashes! 

In this review, I want to show you a few of the face products...
 Eyebrow definer and gel, bronzer, powder foundation, eyeshadow primer, 
and full coverage concealer.

 The powder is amazing! I used the HD Studio "Stay matte but not flat" powder 
foundation in "creamy natural" (Because I'm kind of pastey). It's oil free, water/sweat 
resistant, and enriched with minerals. I've only had to apply it once today... and 
that's saying a lot in the heat of summer in Mississippi!

 I used the matte bronzer in "light" and it gives just the perfect touch of color.
It's noticeable, but not too dark or orange. Definitely love it!

 The eyeshadow primer pot comes in three colors; white, nude, and white pearl (which 
adds a bit of shimmer). I used the white color. It's creamy and slightly thick..which I like
because it feels like the shadow will actually stick to it. And it has! That color doesn't budge.

The eyebrow definer has also been great. I used the colors for blonde hair because I'm 
naturally a dirty blondish/brown so my eyebrows are still that color. I've tried coloring them
darker before to match my hair, but it just looks weird.

 I'm a stickler for good concealer. It has to be full coverage without looking cakey
or creasy and it has to last all day because it's under the rest of my makeup and
I don't want to have to redo it. This concealer is the best! I use it in "fair". With 
concealer, I always get it in a color that's one shade lighter than my complexion.
That helps with dark circles and whatnot.

The eyebrow definer comes with a great brow gel that I add to my brows first, 
then I comb them with the little mascara-looking wand. I didn't care for the angled
shadow brush that it came with. It wasn't as skinny and precise as I like, so I just
used one of my other angled brushes.

I apply the foundation powder all over, concentrating on the T-Zone and under eyes.
Then, I apply the bronzer using contouring techniques (you can look that up 
on YouTube).

I added a few finishing touches and that was it! A flawless complexion with
affordable makeup. I really love this makeup line.


  1. Hiya! Found your blog thanks to Erica. All your photos are amazing and you're so pretty. Can't wait to read more x

    1. Aww... You're really sweet! Thanks so much :)

  2. I've never tried anything by NYX before, but everything you used here looks so good :) xx

    D Is For...

  3. so awesome! your make up looks so nice, I will have to go check it out, i have never used it before!

  4. your blog is so fun and wonderful! and your hair is the best!


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