Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Chinese Staircase Hairstyle

There are few other versions of this style but this DIY is my version: Messy.
I love messy hairstyles!

1.) Part hair into two sections.
2.) Take a piece of hair from the back of one section (whatever size you want).
3.) Wrap that piece around the rest of the ponytail and pull the piece up 
through the loop you just made. (Like you're starting to tie a knot.)
Pull it tight.
4.) Add that piece back into your ponytail.
5.) Repeat steps 2-4 as far down the pony as you want.. pulling each
section tightly. Then do the same to the other pony tail.
6.) Pull on the braids a little bit to make it messy and cute.
7.) Enjoy your cute braids!

[This style is cute with just a side pony too!]


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