Saturday, June 16, 2012

This summer is vibrant

Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug
Color without the commitment.

I love changing my hair color and I do so probably more than my hair can handle (Thank God for conditioning treatments!).. So I recently started using Kevin.murphy products in my salon... LOVE! One product I discovered by this brand was Color.Bug. It comes in purple, orange, and pink. It's totally harmless and completely temporary!

Wear it over the weekend and wash it out for work Monday. It works like an eyeshadow for your hair! So easy!!

Here's how I apply it.....

1.) Wrap a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes.
2.) Apply a hair product like a light texturizer or pomade
 (Anti.Gravity oil-free volumiser also works great) to dry hair...This helps the color adhere better to the hair.
3.) Rub Color.Bug onto your hair wherever you want.
4.) When you're finished applying the color, 
give your hair a shake so excess pigment can fall out.
5.) Enjoy being awesome.

Want to make this color less vibrant or pastel?
Spray dry shampoo such as Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair on the color!

Kevin.Murphy website.
Here is Audrey Kitching's Color.Bug experience. 

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