Monday, October 17, 2016

Maternity Style: Third Trimester

I know I've said this in previous posts but man, this pregnancy has flown by! I can't believe I'm already starting my third trimester. I mean, I definitely feel like I'm this far along... I just don't know how it happened so fast. Probably because Brooks keeps me from having a single moment alone to sit and think about it. Siiiigh...

Lately, my preferences for clothing have been pretty simple. It just needs to be super comfortable and stretchy enough to accommodate the ever-increasing size of my belly. This dress is both of those things and that's why it has been a staple in my current wardrobe. Seriously, I think I've worn it maybe three times in the past week. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't have two or three other dresses almost exactly like it. No shame. Not to mention, it goes with pretty much anything and can be easily dressed up if I'm feeling fancy. 

I purchased most of these outfit pieces either last year or this past summer, so I didn't have much luck finding the actual items online. However, I found similar things that I linked below. 

Jacket - Topshop (similar) // Dress - H&M // Bag - Forever 21 (similar) // Boots - Urban Outfitters (similar)

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