Thursday, May 5, 2016

Basically Not Basic

Basic casual summer outfit

There are two places I shop that I have found to be very hit-or-miss... they are Old Navy and H&M. It seems like, one season they'll have loads of cute patterns and styles, and the next, hardly anything. Maybe that's just me or the mood I'm in when I shop. However, one thing does hold true for each store. I can always find great basics at either place. These are staple pieces that I can incorporate into pretty much any outfit. I can also just put them all together and be super comfortable and casual, like I did here. Every piece shown is from either Old Navy or H&M and they're some of my favorite basics. 

Where do you shop for basics?

Chambray shirt - basic casual summer outfit
Dress- H&M // Chambray shirt, sandals, and necklace - Old Navy

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