Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Day My Computer Crashed and Burned...

...Well, it didn't burn, but it did crash... my hard drive, that is. The precious photo above is one of SIX full-size images that I have of Brooks after I lost everything. 

A little over a week ago, I was working on a graphic in Photoshop for my next blog post. I had it halfway done when I realized that it was getting pretty late. So, I closed my MacBook and went to bed. Little did I know, that that would be the last time I'd see my little graphic... along with everything else on my computer. 

My hard drive crashed. Dead. Gone forever...most likely. We're going to see if we can find someone who can try to recover some files from it, but as far as I know right now, I lost everything: Important files, tons of blog stuff and future posts, and most importantly - hundreds of photos from Brooks' first year of life. I have a lot of those pictures on this blog, but they're all significantly sized down and are too small to print. 

I can't put all of the blame on the shoddy hard drive, though. This whole mess is partially my fault. First of all, I could kick myself for not regularly backing everything up to an external HD. I know, I know. How stupid?! Secondly, I had been procrastinating on ordering prints of Brooks throughout the past year. The last time I ordered some was when he was a month old! Whhhyyyy??!! Ughh. So yeah, I definitely could've prevented a lot of this mess, but there you have it. Lesson Learned.

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