Monday, August 3, 2015

Brooks Wilder: Six Months

cool baby

Currently // 

Length Approximately 27 inches
Weight Unknown (He hasn't had his 6 month checkup yet)

Eats pureed fruits & veggies, yogurt, milk, and formula.
Loves rolling around, standing (with help), and playing "airplane".
Hates avocados, teething, and strangers getting up in his grill.
Learning to sit, crawl, and make new sounds. 

Well, we have officially survived half a year with a tiny person! We've laughed a lot, cried a lot, and slept very little. Meltdowns were had and messes were made, but I wouldn't have it any other way! It's kind of sad to think about how fast the past six months have flown by, but it's been so awesome to watch Brooks grow and change. He has a lot more growing and changing to do, so here's to the next six months and beyond! 

baby 6 months


  1. These pics are so great, what a happy memory. I love that about keeping a blog, kinda nice to have record of those times! Such a bright-eyed little guy, love his outfit haha :)


  2. Thank you! Yeah, I love being able to look back at all of my past posts :)


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