Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's to 2014!

2013 had it's share of ups and downs. I learned a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot, and changed a lot... all for the better. Since Cody and I got married towards the end of 2012, we enjoyed our first year of marriage during 2013, and it was amazing! Cody got an awesome new job that he really loves, we bought our first house, and started a home church with some of our friends. None of those things were accomplished without a few hardships at first, but God can still do great things in not-so-great situations. I realize some of what I'm saying is quite vague, but I don't see any need to mention negative things of the past. I choose to focus only on the good things that happened last year and will happen this year!

My New Year's resolution is to move on and continue to learn, grow, and adapt. 


On another note, I am so in love with this coat! I've pretty much been wearing it every day. It's sooo warm and goes with almost everything I have. I've been such a shopaholic the past couple weeks with all the holiday sales that have been going on! 

Coat & tights - Forever 21 // dress - ModCloth // shoes - Anthropologie


  1. Loved this post! This outfit is gorgeous I can totally see why you love the coat!
    You have a new follower :)
    Collette xx

    1. Aww.. :) Thanks so much for following me! xox

  2. Happy New Year! Love your blog!

    I would love to nominate you for the Liebster Award! (Check the link below).
    I followed you on bloglovin and GFC, would be great if you followed me back!
    Look forward to reading your responses :)


  3. You are so cute, i'm in love with your hair it's soo cool !! Follow you on GFC, your style is amazing <3

  4. I agree with you, moving on is the best way to forget all the pain you’ve been through. And besides, there are lots of good things that happened to you compared to the negative things – your husband got a great job, you bought your new house, and started a home church.

    Leslie @ The Bolton Home Team


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