Friday, May 31, 2013

Lip Tar Review

I recently bought a lip color by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and
I just wanted to share what I think about it and how to use it.

OCC Lip Tar is 100% vegan and gluten-free, and it comes with a little 
applicator brush. The color I bought is "Queen". I'd say it's the perfect pop 
of bright pink! I love it! The wearability is crazy long too... I applied it about 5 hours
ago, ate lunch, applied chapstick over it a few times, ate another snack, 
and it STILL hasn't budged. I have a habit of rubbing my lips together a 
lot and not even that has made it fade. So, to say the least, it's pretty much
my best friend now. I need one in every color!!

Here's how to apply...
Squeeze just a tiny dot onto the brush and dab it on the middle of 
your bottom lip.

Blend the little dot outward toward the lip line. Rub your lips together and
blend on the top lip. Once you have everything in place, let it set for 
a minute and you're good to go!

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