Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Curtain Rods

 Instead of spending a fortune on factory made curtains (we have like 20 
windows in our house!), we started a DIY project several weeks ago by buying 
cute, discounted fabric and sewing it into floor-length curtains. That part was 
all quick and easy, but a lack of time in our busy schedules and still not wanting to
 spend a lot of money left us temporarily tacking up our hand-made 
curtains. Finally, tonight we were able to tackle some of our 
continued project... curtain rods made from conduit! It's a very neat 
and inexpensive alternative curtain rod. Today's project hangs four 
curtains for about $30.

Here's how we did it....
What you'll need : 2 - 1/2" conduit (10ft long) 
8 - 1/2" One hole straps 
8 - bolts, nuts, locking washers 
8 - L Brackets (with mounting screws)
Curtain Rings 
Tape Measure
Socket Wrench

Step 1: Assemble your rod mounting brackets by securing a one-hole strap to an
 L-Bracket using a bolt, locking washer, and nut.

Step 2: Measure and cut the conduit to length using the hacksaw.

Step 3: Secure the rod mounting brackets at your desired height using 
the screws that came with the L-Brackets.

Tip: Use a stud finder to make sure the mounting brackets are in a 
stud. Use a level to make sure the rod is mounted straight.

Step 4: Attach curtain rings to the curtains and slide the rod through. Then set 
the rod/curtain in the mounting brackets. Easy as that!

Though I like the simplicity of our new curtain rods, the creative side of me 
may end up painting them and adding finials.

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