Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Wedding!

       As much as I wanted to post every single picture on here, there's just 
waaayyyyy too many so I settled on these. This really was my dream wedding. 
I couldn't have imagined anything better.. every detail was perfect and 
exactly what I wanted. We spent the entire week before setting everything up.
It was A LOT of work but totally worth it. And just like everyone said it would 
be, it went by so fast it was all a big blur. I didn't get to enjoy any of the 
amazing-looking food David made and I don't even know who all came to the wedding! 
       I chose to keep the tradition of not letting Cody see me until I walked down 
the aisle, so we had to take most of the wedding party/family photos during 
the reception. Nonetheless, we had a blast and enjoyed every second we 
could soak in. I'm beyond thankful for everyone involved in the wedding and 
behind the scenes. It never would have been so perfect without all of them.
       Our honeymoon to a resort in Mexico was a blast...and very interesting to 
say the least. I don't recommend any tourists trying to drive around in downtown 
Cancun. You might die. And sprinting the length of the Miami airport like you're 
in a movie does not guarantee you'll make it to your connecting flight. Sometimes
they decide they want to take off early and leave you behind.
       So far though, married life has been the best! We've been really busy this
week trying to settle into our new home. It's finally starting to come together 
though and I couldn't be happier! 

Photo credit: Mabus Photography

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